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Gun Cleaners & Dusters

secure weapons transport cart
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Weapons Racks / Expandable Weapons Rack / Weapons Storage Racks

Military & Police Specgrade Weapons Racks & Cabinets

Highly efficient & flexible Expandable Weapons Rack

Perfect for Vaults, Armories, Weapons rooms, Military, Law enforcement

Wall Mount Panels - NOW AVAILABLE

Download New Weapons Solutions Brochure Here (PDF)

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This modular EXPANDABLE WEAPONS RACK was designed to accommodate and house most types of small arms requirements. Specifically used in secured areas such as armories and vaults whether on a large or small scale. The system grows in modular method so that you may initially start with a 34" wide unit expanding to whatever is required. Universal weapons panels simply hook onto single or double sided posts, which are 84" high. In such a manner an armory (for instance) can use the peripheral walls with single sided units and double sided units can be planned creating isle ways in the room itself.

Thus the Expandable Weapons Rack can house rifles, shotguns, shorties, PDW's and handguns, etc. vertically or horizontally. An example would be the ability to housing M16A2 rifles one above the other vertically or horizontally in a mixed configuration. It will easily accommodate the tallest sniper rifle such as the .50 cal M107 by Barretta which is 57" tall. In short configure this rack in whichever manner is most efficient and desirable for your own use. In addition this system is effortlessly and very rapidly installed with the use of only a screw driver.

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Law Enforcement / Military / Correctional Services

See our newest installation - Special project for Suffolk County NY Police Dept.
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Rack can be reconfigured within seconds

  • Houses carbines, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, PDW's & hardware
  • Store your rifles with attached accessories such as scopes & grenade launchers
  • Your small arms can be housed vertically or horizontally in any order
  • Store ammunition
  • Modular components interchangeable with the Secure Weapons Cabinet & Stackable Weapons Rack (See Below)
  • Retractable work shelves are available
  • Rifles & shotguns, etc. can be individually locked if required
  • Will house any rifle height
  • Will house rifles stacked one on top of an other in a vertical manner
  • Double or single sided units are standard
  • Full height of these units are 84" (single units are 16" deep & double sided units are 29 ½" deep)
  • Work surfaces available for cleaning, inspection and repair

Example of some the firearms housed in expandable racks...

  • Handguns by Beretta, Browning, Colt, Glock in removable 'handgun pacs'
  • Colt M16's
  • Colt M4's
  • Steyr AUG A1
  • Heckler & Kock MP5
  • FN Manufacturing P90
  • AK47 Kalashniov
  • FN Manufacturing MN249 Machine Gun
  • McMillan Bro Tac-50 Sniper Rifle
  • Accuracy International AE Sniper Rifle
  • Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle
  • Remington 7600P Patrol Rifle
  • Remington 870P Police Shotgun
  • 500 Mossberg Shotgun
  • 590A Mossberg Pistol Grip Shotgun
  • Any rifles, shotguns, pistols, radius, flashlights, night vision gear, ammunition



handgun insert
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Gun Inserts are interchangeable and removable.


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For smaller requirements or height restrictions we have designed the same flexibility in our 50”High units.

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Increase the height of your unit at any time utilizing 12" or 34" extension posts and panels

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Expandable weapons rack with (64) Rifles / Shotguns

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Expandable weapons rack with (80) M4 on high density components

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EWR Double Sided
EWR Double Sided Sections
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EWR Drop Down Weapon Shelf
EWR Drop Down Weapon Shelf
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