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Weapons Lockers / Secure Weapons Storage / Secure Weapons Lockers

Individual or smaller requirements now have a solution with the Weapons Locker. Just as versatile as the standard stackable Weapons Racks, in a smaller foot print, these units can be secured to walls, floors and each other to create the ultimate in space efficiency.

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Weapons Locker is compatible with Standard 42" Stackables, ratio of 3:1

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Weapons Locker
- Individual Secure Weapon Storage
- Interchangeable storage components
- Stack and / or connect side to side and back to back
- Pad lockable

48" H (1219mm)
14" W (356mm) x 15" D (381mm)

Compartment Pistol Locker NEW 4 Compartment Pistol Locker
4 Compartment Pistol Locker is stackable on a Dasco Weapons Locker or on top of each other.

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